Join the different projects and activities including Neighborhood Appreciation Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, Singing for A Cause, Reading for Your Future and many more. Find out what approved activities are scheduled in your local congregation.


Our education programs aim to deliver resources to communities that may not have it readily available and/or are currently experiencing shortages of programs and/or volunteers. In addition to this, the project also recognizes the efforts of those in the field of education.

  • For teachers and principals and all those who have dedicated their lives to help educate others, the INC Giving Project regularly sponsors Teacher Appreciation Days in communities around the world to celebrate their efforts.
  • Reading for Your Future events encourage members to volunteer their time by volunteering at libraries, community centers, donating books, etc
  • Language Lessons help teach the local language to adults in low-income communities who may not have access to education.
  • Summer Mentoring Program for Students encourages brethren with expertise in different fields to offer a free summer program for the youth.


The project encourages families to take time out of their busy schedules to not only spend time together but also spend their time doing good for the community. Together.
Families participate in family friendly opportunities in the communities and are encouraged to make it a regular part of their schedules.


Our livelihood and community outreach projects focus on helping low income communities improve their lives through projects like:

  • A Help Up (job training services, networking, resuming/interviewing prep)
  • Volunteering at local food banks, shelters, etc.
  • Assisting and educating communities about self-sustaining initiatives (urban farming)
  • Rebuilding, renovating and cleaning up low income communities/schools/etc.
Projects proposed vary based on the needs of the community served.

Neighborhood Appreciation Day

Neighborhood Appreciation Day is an opportunity to get to know our neighbors and for our neighbors to get to know the members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ). Although this is held immediately after the dedication of new houses of worship, many congregations hold Neighborhood Appreciation Days annually as a way to strengthen ties with the surrounding community.


Our Music and Arts programs aim to not only make the arts available to the community but to also make it important for artists/musicians/performers to use their time to contribute their talents for the benefit of others. The programs take special interest in projects that will benefit senior citizens, low-income youth and those currently in hospitals
Programs launched include:

  • Art of Giving and Singing for A Cause for senior living facilities and local hospitals
  • Leading free arts & crafts workshops at local libraries
  • Donating art projects to local shelters and even helping cities paint murals for the community.

Projects proposed pair the resources/expertise available in the local congregation and the needs of the community.

Giving In Action

The INC Giving Project encourages individuals to go out there, volunteer and share their faith through acts of kindness. Individuals are encouraged to find programs and projects (or create their own) that they are passionate about and volunteer their time regularly.