Ways to Show Kindness During Coronavirus

While a majority of us are safe at home, we may be asking ourselves, “how can I help?” 

Now, more than ever, we are witnessing the global community connect, seeing examples of the simple yet meaningful acts of kindness performed for both strangers and close friends and family alike. Our images of heroes have evolved and our perception of gratitude has widened to include every person in our reach. 

Here are a few ways we can virtually volunteer and still perform acts of kindness from the comfort of our own homes, and also safely within our communities. 

Little boy is meeting for play date in video chat while coronavirus pandemic. Stay at home during quarantine. Communication with relatives and friends online. Keeping social distance.

1. Reconnect.

Though physically we all may be apart, being safe at home is the perfect time to reconnect — with our friends and family, with our passions and even with strangers. Take advantage of virtual visits and hangouts, or take a step further to give an act of kindness by singing a song or sending a greeting to someone else to brighten their day.

Most of all, we can use this time of reflection to reconnect with God and #spreadpositivity by sharing an inspiring message or video to someone, today.

2. Do something … for someone else!

Amidst the fear and uncertainty going around, a simple gesture can create a ripple effect that just keeps giving. Maybe it’s leaving a hand-written sign outside thanking a hero, helping out with extra chores at home, making care packages or cards for essential workers — now is the time to do something, a little extra special, for someone else.

Home delivery food during virus outbreak, coronavirus panic and pandemics. Stay safe!

3. Shop

Shop for those who might not be able to shop for themselves. In an effort to stay safe and keep at home, ordering groceries for an elderly neighbor or going out (safely and within guidelines) to pick up essential items for another who needs to stay in, is a gesture that won’t go unnoticed.

4. Teach. 

Whether it’s by trade or by hobby, many are looking online to continue life at home, or even move forward by picking up a new skill. Parents have courageously taken on the role of home-schooling their kids. So we applaud the educators giving parents the extra help to keep education going. And yes you! Our fitness / dance coaches who get us off our feet and moving daily! Many are offering free services online, and it’s because of their generosity that we can keep our minds and bodies moving forward. Have a craft you want to share? Document it! This is our history in the making. 

5. Support 

Support our essential workers and local businesses — we’re all affected in some way or another. Helping our essential workers by staying as safe as we can, and supporting small businesses that remain open for us, can lighten the load they carry.

6. Keep the conversation going. 

If you want to help from the comfort of your own home, you can virtually volunteer by finding an organization that connects you with elderly or at-risk individuals who need someone to talk to. For as little as 1 call or a few minutes a week, you can offer freely and easily.

7. Search online.

There are still many nonprofit organizations, most especially food banks and food services that we can participate with — both from in our own homes, and safely in our communities. If you’re healthy and want to take the step in our local neighborhoods, type “virtual volunteering” in a search engine and see how you can take action.

A few virtual volunteering resource websites:

These are only a few of many ideas of ways we can help our community while practicing social or physical distancing. Have more opportunities you want to share? Email news1@incmedia.org or comment below. And send us photos or video of you virtually volunteering, or ways you’re #INCGivingGratitude in this opportunity to be safe at home. 

Let’s focus on the good and keep kindness contagious!

Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it. – Proverbs 3:27 TEV