Bone Marrow Donor Finds a Match

With pride in his heart, Vlad Anselmo from Tracy, California posted about his younger brother Heinz. He wrote, “ I’m super proud of my younger brother! Two weeks ago he unselfishly donated his bone marrow to save someone he never met” The youngest of four, Heinz never liked the spotlight but has always been willing to help lend a helping hand.

Be the Match Program

“I think it was maybe 2-3 years ago, It was in Union City, California, there was a Filipino festival with and the Be The Match National Marrow Donor Program booth was taking (saliva swabs) samples from people hoping to be a match for a patient…and I think at the time, one of my friend’s niece needed a bone marrow…her name is Sarlea Lugtu Atizado..” Heinz said as he tried to untangle his memory. At the time, Sarlea’s niece, Myla was looking for a bone marrow match. Bone marrow donations for the Asian American community has always been low….organizations like the Asian America donor program spend much of their time campaigning for donors. But with the help of organizations like the INC giving project and the donor drives the Iglesia Ni Cristo sponsors regularly in communities across America – They’re able to bring awareness to the need of more donors in Asian Communities.

Becoming A Match

And while he didn’t end up being a match for Myla — three years after adding his name to the bone marrow registry he was a match for another young girl with leukemia. Heinz traveled to San Diego for the procedure. The bone marrow was extracted from him on a Tuesday night and by Wednesday he was on his way back to the bay area to return to work With minor pain, no complications, and gratitude in his heart, Heinz recovered quickly. “If I do get to meet her and she is alive and well I would like to just give her a hug, and I hope she continues to live her life knowing that we’re here to support her in any way.” Heinz starts to get emotional these words to spill from his lips, “I would really encourage everyone to do it. It’s an operation that will help somebody live longer.”

Moved By Faith

His kindness comes from his faith, a faith he hopes to share with everyone. “Of course I’m an advocate of INC Giving, this is our way of reaching out to the community to our fellow man on this planet and it’s also to introduce the Church, that we are proud members of the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo)”

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Written By Janlynn Valerio.

Janlynn Valerio is a staff writer at She’s originally from Hawaii and that’s why she likes to wear slippers in the winter.