Serving with Willing Hearts

There are people who are hungry all around the world, even in Singapore, one of Asia’s richest countries.  Which is why with no hesitation, the INC Giving volunteers from the Local Congregation of Singapore Midland, Ecclesiastical District of Southeast Asia 2 gathered and conducted an INC Giving Project in collaboration with Willing Hearts, a non-profit organization that provides free meals to elderly people, to prepare and deliver home-cooked meals, to help those in need.

Volunteers woke up early to prepare for this activity, which started at five in the morning. Among them were Citadel Sartin and her husband.  She stated, “It was a challenge, given that we had to wake up early for our 5 am shift; but going there and taking part in the activity was worth it.  It was our way to show the people in this country that one of our goals during the INC Giving Project is to help those in need whenever we possibly can.”

“This activity seems like an ordinary volunteer work, but doing this with our everyone made it more special. It is my first time to participate in this kind of activity and I will forever be thankful for the opportunity.”, said Luisa Serrano, an INC Giving volunteer.

It was a different act of giving and sharing, not with anything that money can buy but with time, effort and hard work. Being involved in the hands-on preparation of every meal that would be given directly to those who are in need, left a wonderful feeling in the hearts of the volunteers.

There were different stations in the kitchen where the brethren were assigned to offer their helping hands. Some were stationed in the cooking area, packing area, marinating area, dishwashing area and some helped the organizers to carry all the packed meals to load and unload to and from their delivery trucks.

“I was stationed in the sorting area.  We sorted the veggies, fish, chicken, rice and other cooked food for packing. I was very happy while doing this, looking back at how my parents served our food for us when I was young. I also remember how my siblings and I prepared food for our grandparents to show our love to them. That is the same feeling I felt while preparing the food for the elderly here in Singapore,” said Christine Angulo, an INC Giving volunteer.

Though it was only for a short time, the event gave an overwhelming experience and put big smiles on the faces of those involved.

Contributed by: Gazel Joy Ragat, Singapore Midland

Gazel regularly volunteers in her community through the INC Giving Project.  She also helps documents the events so that many more would get to know about the project and about the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ).  She’s a regular contributor on