Singing For Our Veterans

“27Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it.” Proverbs 3:27 GNT

This bible verse encompasses the whole idea of the INC Giving Project, a program of the Iglesia Ni Cristo,  to help, to do good deeds, and to strengthen the community.

From winter clothing drives, tree planting, and food bank donations, I’ve volunteered for each and every activity. I’m always ecstatic to see the camaraderie of the INC Giving volunteers when it comes to these activities, and the great number of volunteers and good spirits will constantly be an uplifting source of happiness for me.

Recently, the local congregation of Eastwood had an INC Giving: Singing for a Cause event. Both children and youth officers were hard at work in the weeks coming to this event; practicing songs, dance moves, and of course, being cute. Classic songs, such as “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, “You Are My Sunshine” and many more, were being prepared for the elderly at the Kipnes Centre for Veterans.

I had my own role at this event – being an emcee with another volunteer from our local congregation, Mia Medina. For both of us, it was our first time as emcees. So, of course, we were both anxious while we practiced. But no matter how much or how little we practiced, we could never prepare for the excitement that would come on that day.

On the day of the event, it was raining. But it didn’t deter the spirits of the performers or ours, the hosts. Last minute practices of the songs and the program were echoing the halls of the building, while the elderly and their family members filled up seats. Up to the last second, our excitement was high. And then, we had a bumpy start.

After the first performance, Mia and I, got a grip on ourselves and our impromptu lines. The children performed with great delight and were very cute. Our audience members were overjoyed and zealous over the kids’ performances. One little child, in particular, surprised us with his affinity for the piano. Jian Morales, a young choir member, shocked the audience, and the other volunteers, with his beautiful rendition of classical pieces.


As the event came to a close, the final song involved the kids handing flowered presents to the elderly. It was a great experience all-round. The audience, the tech crew, the performers, and Mia and I, had a wonderful time at this event. The final words were said by the staff in charge of us being there. As we wholeheartedly thanked them for being with us that afternoon, they respond with the same respect and thankfulness for the joy we brought them. This made all the hard work, practices and semi-stressful times all worth it.

Doing good deeds is never a duty. It is a joy that adds to your own piece of mind and health. Small acts of random kindness is enough to create a wave of positivity and great happiness. Whenever we can, absolutely do good things.

Contributed by Dave Paz, Alberta, Canada

Dave finished his architectural technology program at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He is applying for a Bachelor of Design degree at U of A. He is also the president of the Kadiwa, or youth group, in his local congregation and is an aspiring teacher for the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s  Children’s Worship Service.

He believes in doing good, helping others, paying it forward and encourages everyone to be kind, be helpful, and always be a friend.