Grateful to Give

Every day, over 188 phone calls are made to the Calgary Food Bank requesting for emergency food hampers.   And, so when our local congregation was first notified of the Food Bank Donation Drive Activity, I could already feel the excitement of the volunteers because we knew we would have the chance to contribute to the needs of the food bank and help those in need in our community.  But even then I was surprised by just how much we could help.


Our goal was to gather 50 boxes worth of food donation,  but tried our best to do more. The INC Giving volunteers spent  all week eagerly shopping for items requested by the food bank – such as, canned goods and diapers.

On the day of the event, a representative from the Calgary Food Bank drove in with a large truck to pick up all 104 boxes that the region was able to fill, which weighed 8915 lbs.    Despite the harsh weather conditions, INC Giving volunteers still showed up to help load the boxes, one by one, onto the truck.

It was so inspiring to see INC Giving Volunteers and the Calgary Food Bank unite to help out our fellowmen and not let the weather stop them from performing good deeds. Even the Calgary Food Bank driver’s face was really surprised to see so many people waiting outside in the snow for him.  He was even more moved when we started to help load the boxes onto the truck.


 Once all the boxes were in the truck ready to be dropped off, the representative thanked the INC Giving Volunteers for their time and effort and took a group photo with everyone. Calgary West’s resident minister, Brother James Lajeras, offered them a God’s Message magazine after the activity.

We often get caught up in life and sometimes take essential things, such as. shelter and food for granted. We are very fortunate here in this part of the world as we have a higher quality way of life and are lucky to be able to receive food, shelter and education every day. However, that should not stop us from helping out those in need.

I saw a quote online that said “Never judge people who have little to nothing, as one day you may find yourself having nothing at all.”

We should be thankful for what we have when some people have nothing at all. We should always try to do good deeds every day, no matter how small the act is. Even the little things, like donating that one extra can of food in our pantry, or donating that pile of old clothes in our closet, can help out someone’s life significantly. Little things can truly make a huge impact on those around you.   I know it did for me.

The Calgary Food Bank serves families, individuals and organizations and rely solely on the generous support of the community.  Visit to see how you can help

Contributed by: Thea Canero  

Thea Canero is an INC Giving Volunteer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  She is an active participant in INC Giving Projects and the FYM Foundation.  Thea is a Sociology major at the University of Calgary and hopes with her degree to help contribute and improve public social services to better support the needs of members in her community.  Thea takes pride in helping others and believes that as a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) it is our duty to be kind and help those who are in need.