Ideas for Your Local Congregation

Volunteers play a huge part in the services organizations are able to provide in your city. Find out how many volunteers are needed and depending on the size of volunteers, you may need to find several opportunities to give everyone a chance to participate.  Here are some ways your local congregation can participate in the weekend of service:

  1. Contact City Officials to see how you can lead/sponsor a Community Clean Up
  2. Find out what city events are happening in your city and if there is a need for volunteers
  3. Spend quality time with residents of elderly community. Activities include
    1. o   Singing for A Cause 
    2. o   Art of Giving Projects
    3. o   Gardening, etc or other group volunteering with organizations that deliver food to seniors, running errands, visiting local seniors
  4. Police/Fire Appreciation Days  – Visit your local precinct/stations and bring recognition and treats for the services they provide your community
  5. Coordinate a group volunteer opportunity with a local shelter, food banks, etc that is always in need of volunteers
  6. Coordinate with a community center to sponsor “A Help Up” event for low income communities