Neighborhood Appreciation Day in Johnsonville, Connecticut

“Thank you” will never be enough to express the gratitude for the warm welcome into Connecticut’s East Haddam community felt by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ).

The July purchase of the 62-acre historic property made by the Church Of Christ moved thousands to speculate on the future of Johnsonville Village.  On Saturday, August 26, 2017, a Neighborhood Appreciation Day opened the doors of the historic town for a ‘meet ‘n’ greet’ with the local neighbors and surrounding communities with free food, prizes and entertainment, games and children’s activities and family photo locations, among many other community opportunities.


“It’s courageous what you guys took on here. We’ve lived in area for 12 years but this place was always roped off and this is the first time we are able to actually see this place. The entire community is excited to see what you’re gonna do to this place.” – Greg Coleman, Johnsonville resident.

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