Elders are today’s heroes

Each individual present that day might agree with this statement and each might have their own hero stories to share. These stories were definitely on our mind, as my fellow volunteers from Singapore Midland, Ecclesiastical District of Southeast Asia 2 gathered to conduct an INCGiving activity for the Elders of Ren Ci Hospital and Nursing Home.

The program officially started with a quick introduction about the Church Of Christ’s INCGiving project. Volunteers and elders were soon laughing, singing and enjoying their time together.

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“The elders look and sound happy. I can see and hear that they were all enjoying the activity. I even saw the quiet uncles and aunties participating and singing with you all. For that, I am very thankful for all of you who brought smiles and happy hearts to them,” said Lisa, a Programme Coordinator of Ren Ci Hospital.

It was truly a blessing from our Lord God to be given the opportunity to volunteer our time for the benefit of others.


“We may have given them our time and shared our talents, but we have received far more that what we gave. They shared their wisdom and endless gratitude which filled our hearts with gladness and changed our outlook in life,” said Gladys Santua, an INCGiving volunteer from the Church.


While it’s true that they are physically weak, atypical and unsung heroes, they undeniably held answers to many of our questions. They have contributed so much to ease our lives today. They are heroes – not craving recognition, not wanting to be famous. They only want to pass on what they have acquired so their legacy would live on.


We look forward to visiting them again – to learn from them, to enjoy their company and to know how to be a hero for the next generation to come.



Contributed by: Gazel Joy Ragat, Singapore Midland