Top Ten Episodes 2016

And here we are: Top Ten INCGiving Show Webisodes & Blog posts list of 2016!

Compiling this special list has helped The INCGiving Show team reflect on so much goodness in 2016. We really enjoyed looking back and remembering all of the great work that was featured on the show- and we especially were moved at the impact done by volunteers to those reached by the INCGiving Project.

The Top 10 List was compiled through several factors, which include number of views/statistics; social media shares; the feedback and stories from our viewers, readers and volunteer organizers; and also our own personal favorites. So although this list is not solely based on analytics, each episode that made the list was chosen with the intention to offer powerful insights and strategies to your INCGiving planning as you move into the new year.

If you have missed one of these episodes, make sure to watch by the end of January!

One last note: Of course NONE of this would be possible without the support of our beloved Church Administration, and the hard work of the Social Development Committees of the Christian Family Organizations for continuing to schedule the project for volunteers throughout the world. We also want to thank the District Multimedia Bureaus for documenting the journey and asking the questions that help us get to the heart of the matter each time we step out there to do good to those who need it.

So (cue the drumroll please…..) here they are: Top 10 INCGiving Episodes (and blogs) for 2016.

#10: “Volunteers Team Up With Habitat For Humanity” Cocoa Beach, Florida (Season 3 – Episode 14)

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The gist: INC volunteers from Cocoa Beach, Florida partnered with Southeast Volusia Habitat for Humanity to volunteer in the construction of homes for the less fortunate.

Why did this make the list?

This was the first official partnership of the INCGiving Project with an international organization such as Habitat for Humanity – the organization that works to build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

Our Cocoa Beach INCGiving volunteers gave us that inside look to the process of sharing a few Saturday hours with families actually building their own homes. To be exact: a selected team of 11 volunteers (with their families cheering them on from the sidelines) did good to three different families and three newly constructed homes.

If you’re planning on when to wear your INCGiving shirt in 2017, consider experiencing building a home with Habitat for Humanity– which has a huge need for volunteers.

#9: “Keeping OKC Beautiful” Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Season 4 – Episode 2)

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The gist: INC volunteers help keep the streets of Oklahoma City beautiful and introduce the Church of Christ to their neighbors

Why did it make the list?

One volunteer caught our ears and our hearts: Heather Blaylock. Sister Heather joined the Iglesia Ni Cristo in early 2016 – and already shared solid INC pride as she beautified the streets of Oklahoma that day.

“When you finally see the truth it’s just a wonderful feeling and you realize all the blessings that you’re given on a daily basis from God. I think that’s a big part of the reason why we got out into the neighborhood, because we wanted to share that with everybody.”INCGIVING Volunteer Heather Blaylock

City Clean-ups are a standard practice for members of the Church of Christ. In 2016, more happened than were documented and we are grateful to the Multimedia Bureau in Southern Midwest for providing full coverage for their clean-up – which allowed all of us to meet Sister Heather.

#8: “Uplifted & Much Appreciated: A Teacher’s Perspective” Sunbury, London, England (Season 4 – Blog post 8)

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A related post: From the Student’s Perspective here:

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The gist: A Nursery School Teacher shares her experience as an esteemed guest at the annual Teacher’s Appreciation Day in Heathrow, United Kingdom.

Why it made the list: Admittedly, we would have loved to have heard this lovely teacher’s description of her experience at Teacher’s Appreciation Day in her lovely British accent on video.

But we’re extremely thankful that she took the time on her summer holiday to write-up her experience.

“As a teacher of primary-aged children, it was refreshing to see a young person speaking so passionately and articulately.”Ms. Louise Cowley

What were the young INC students speaking so passionately about? Head over to the blog to check it out. Check out the feature to see them singing passionately too.

Teacher’s Appreciation Day is a staple activity of the INCGiving Project– we have been sponsoring luncheons and awards ceremonies in their honor since 2011. Heathrow, London, UK has consistently held this activity every year since it started.

We can’t wait to see how teachers will be appreciated and uplifted in 2017.

#7: “The Station for Appreciation” Anaheim, California (Season 3 – Episode 13 )

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The gist: Congregations of the INC have hosted Police & Firefighter Appreciation Days throughout 2016. See how officers of the Anaheim PD wanted to pay it forward, by preparing an act of kindness for the INC congregation in return.

Why it made the list: We are all about recognizing those who serve. Throughout the USA and around the world INCGiving volunteers have packed up lunches and goodie bags, certificates and plaques to boost the morale of law enforcement and fire safety officials.

The fact that the Anaheim Police Department was so touched that they took the time out of their busy days to come back to say “thank you” for our “thank you”? –That just makes it feel like the most awesome game of gratitude tag.

If you are ever in Anaheim, don’t forget to take a photo with their special thank you plaque and hashtag it #incgiving.

#6: “Kind Kids – Jaelyn Isip” Virginia Beach, VA (Season 3 – Episode 10)

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The gist: At an early age, Jaelyn has learned the gift of giving by participating in INCGiving Project activities with her family. You will see this 8-year-old’s desire to share kindness of her own, in a special way.

Why it made the list: Kids always make the list with INCGiving! This little darling is surrounded by great examples of generosity and kindness- and at her young age, she knew she could choose to do good to others, too. In this story, we watch how she discovered a way that would work for her.

We can’t wait to see what other things Jaelyn, her family and all the other INCKids will be up to in 2017.


#5: “The Hope Brigade” Baton Rouge, LA (Season 4 – Episode 5)

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The gist: Over 60,000 homes in Louisiana were damaged or destroyed by terrible floods. Volunteers from the Southeastern United States region teamed together to lend a helping hand to flood victims in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and bring a message of hope.

Why it made the list: When horrible things happen on US soil- the whole world watches.

When these catastrophes take place within reach of the INCGiving project volunteers- we are there to lend a helping hand or a hug of hope.

The 2016 flood statistics were historic. Everyone affected had the contents of their homes out on the sidewalks. Regardless of stature, income, or age- all people in the flood damaged areas had to part ways with the contents of their homes. Their lives were changed.

INCGiving volunteers throughout neighboring states were organized quickly. The relief efforts on the ground helped provide hope to those who were reached. For those of us watching the story unfold we realized more contentment for what we have.

#4: Giving in Action: Dianne C. Lorido, Leadership Scholarship Sponsor (Season 3 – Episode 12)

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The gist: Watch how a young professional uses education to share her faith.

Why it made the list: Dianne C. Lorido is a young woman already finding ways to give back.

Many members of the Church of Christ could match her description: Loyal to her faith, disciplined in her studies, committed to serving God with many duties and offices in the Church, respectful to her parents and the role in her family, and decorated with honors and certificates of achievement at such an early age in life.

Yet, Dianne made time to accomplish one more item that no one actually expected of her- she set out to share the fruits of her labors to those like her, those in the pursuit of their educational aspirations.

Not many of us get the chance to speak on a platform to an audience of our peers, and when this young lady did – not only did she do the expected, which is that she inspired her listeners and expressed gratitude for those who have helped her along her journey. Dianne did the ultra-expected – she proudly proclaimed her membership in the Church of Christ as the number one factor to her success in life.

We could watch that triumphant moment on replay all day.

#3: “Giving the Gift of Life” Continental Blood Drive, North America (Season 3 – Episode 11) Read the post here:

Read the post here:

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The gist: In cooperation with the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, thousands of Church of Christ members throughout 137 sites of the United States and Canada partnered with local organizations to donate blood and sign up to be a part of the bone marrow registry.

Why it made the list: This was the highest turnout and most organized effort to date for a blood drive sponsored by the Church of Christ. Check out the coverage in the feature- there’s so much to be proud of!

This effort also included the bone marrow registry drive, and we at the INCGiving Show team are inspired by one of our own young sisters and her brave battle.

#2: “Finding Refuge From the Fire” Alberta, Canada (Season 3 – Episode 7) Read the different posts here: Lac la biche outreach outreach more outreach helping Fort McMurray

Read the different posts here: Lac la biche outreach outreach more outreach helping ft mcmurray

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The gist: Nearly 100,000 Canadians in Alberta were forced to leave their homes and belongings behind as wildfire spread to Fort McMurray and its surrounding areas. After, it was said to have destroyed more than 1,600 homes and buildings, and the calamity forced residents into evacuation homes and searching for shelter. But for nearly 70 members of the Church of Christ, they fled to God, and found refuge in the comfort of their brothers and sisters in the faith.

Why it made the list: This type of natural disaster is absolutely terrifying. Seeing the fire engulfing entire communities would make one do a double take, Certainly this cannot be happening? The blazes look too much like what is forewarned to happen on the day of judgment.

But these stories of survival and gratitude are real. And the effort to help victims is heart-warming and in high volume.

There’s real faith in action – from the reaction of the survivors to the efforts of the INCGiving volunteers to come to their aid.

#1: “INCGiving Project Launched in South Dakota” (Season 3 –Episode 2)

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The gist: The INCGiving Project in South Dakota was launched on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation near the Local Congregation of Scenic. Along with winter items, see how residents of Kyle, South Dakota received the words of God to warm their souls.

Why it made the list: All eyes have been on Scenic, South Dakota since 2011, when it made major news that the town was purchased by the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

The INCGiving Show got to deliver the beautiful news first of the first worship service and Bible studies held in Scenic, South Dakota earlier in 2016. The curiosity and excitement of the INC members was evident, this was the most shared and most watched episode in 2016.

We are inspired especially by the faith and intentions of volunteer Fred White who is working hard to do good in the town and neighboring towns of Scenic:

Rural America knows nothing about the [Church of Christ]. So [INCGiving] is a great tool to propagate all over the world let alone in a rural area that can say yeah, we’re ranchers and farmers 20 miles from civilization and we know about the Church of Christ.” –Volunteer Fred White, Scenic, South Dakota

2016 has truly been a blessed year full of many milestones and accomplishments. For the first time INCGiving reached out to those in need in Milan, Italy. We partnered with more organizations to provide the volunteers. We appreciated many neighborhoods throughout North America.

As we move onward to further victories in 2017, we are grateful for all the INCGiving coordinators, volunteers and partnering organizations that help us each continue to do good to those who need it.