Sharing The Warmth

It was snowy with a wind chill about -30 degrees Celsius [-22 Fahrenheit] outside. It was so cold that my fingers felt numb if left uncovered, and my face felt like it would crack as the frigid air hit my skin. Despite the unkind weather and wind, I joined INC members from the local congregation of Edmonton South for the INCGiving Winter Wear Drive to help the people in our community during the freezing weather.

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Weeks before, we gathered all the clothing donations – ranging from coats, to mittens, and to boots. Anything and everything that provides protection from the harsh winds and heavy snow was donated. The generosity was evident, because every table was covered with countless donations.

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The youth of the local of Edmonton South did their part, while braving the cold; by encouraging passers-by to come inside the Eastwood Community Centre for Free Winter Wear Clothing Drive. Not only was the season ideal for this particular event, but the venue was also optimal. Curious visitors, who initially came alone, left and quickly returned with friends and loved ones, when they realized that help was being provided for the entire community.

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The president, Elana Papin, and the director, Cheryl Atkins, of Eastwood Community League met with us and were truly grateful for everyone’s efforts. Through this Winter Wear Clothing Drive, mothers with children, husbands and wives, and youth alike, were able to find heaps of new winter clothing.

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They socialized with volunteers over cups of warm coffee and donuts, and expressed their thankfulness. One mother appeared surprised and happy that there were children’s clothing and shoes available for her own children, while one gentleman marvelled at his good fortune in finding a leather coat in almost new condition.

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This event also gave us a chance to share our faith. Church Of Christ [Iglesia Ni Cristo] pamphlets were placed in coat pockets and were also handed out to people on the street. This INCGiving event was truly a success, as visitors came in cold but left with warm hearts and spirits.




Contributed by : Jowella Mendoza, Edmonton South, Alberta, Canada