Geared Up

Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Geography– These are the things that children work on at school on a weekly basis. But what happens when they run out of school supplies?The INC members in the Southern Midwest portion of the United States made it their mission to help students from T’iiz NazBas Community School in Arizona.

Kim Urtola, one of the INCGiving Volunteers, led the children in various games during the event.


Members from New Mexico and Colorado congregations teamed up to organize free School Supplies and a fun-filled day for the Indian reservation school that sits a few miles away from the Four Corners Monument, a place in the Southwestern region in the United States where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet.


Stephanie Begay travelled from Farmington, New Mexico to help volunteer during the School Supply Fair sponsored by the INCGiving project.


Stephanie Begay, a volunteer from the community, said, “It helps the community and the children in need out here, where there’s no stores to really go to buy their school supplies. I’m sure they appreciate that.”  She just learned about the outreach programs in the Church of Christ, and has been looking forward to this project all week.

Meanwhile, Ms. Linda Morris, a security guard in the T’iiz NasBas Community School, commented that these kinds of outreach or projects help students realize how important it is to reach out to other communities, even if they are just a small community.


Linda Morris with a couple of the INCGiving volunteers from Farmington, New Mexico.


#INCGiving volunteers lead the local children in various games during the Free School Supply Fair.


Ms. Amelia Nakai, the school counselor, also happily helped out at the event. She came in early, welcoming the INCGiving volunteers to their school. The joy in her eyes was prominent as the children played games and appreciated the free school supplies.


The INCGiving volunteers recognized Ms. Amelia Nakai, the school counselor for her help.


The games that the INC volunteers played along with the students, brought so much joy and smiles across the room. They played many games that brought the attendees together. But the camaraderie did not stop at games. They sat down with parents, teachers and students to talk to them and new friendships were made.


Minister of the Gospel, Brother Ben De La Paz, hands one of the local children a bag to pick out school supplies for the school year.


The school supplies helped students have a fresh successful and organized school year. The time and laughter shared between the students and the volunteers were meaningful and unforgotten. It reminded the students that their families and the community have high hopes for them to attain a bright future.





Contributed by: Kyla Mari Urtola, Farmington, New Mexico