A Token of Gratitude

Saturday April 23, 2016 was Teacher’s Appreciation Day. Members of my locale of San Gabriel Valley, including myself, came early to help set up tables and food, and also to help out with registration tables, decor, and sound checks.

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Some of us, Binhi, were rehearsing our performance since we were the first group. Our performance was to be in sign language.

Soon Brother Ruben De La Cruz, Sr. led the opening prayer for the program. Afterwards, Brother Feodor Fermin and Sis. Neszille Manuel made a brief introduction and then they called us Binhi to start our performance.

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We performed the song called “You Have Made A Difference.” It was to show our teachers that we appreciated everything they did, the sacrifices they had to make, to make a difference in our lives. The fun part of the performance was that we performed in sign language as mentioned before. It was quite interesting, considering that it was the first time for some of us to use sign language.

Usually it is the teachers who take care of the students. On this day, the young members of the Church wanted to show their gratitude and give back. A game of Family Feud was played with the teachers and church members. Each question was related to school work, supplies, etc. We also recognized the teachers and gave them supplies to help because there are often shortages. The final performance was rendered by the CWS and some Binhi members singing “You’ve Got A Friend In Me.”

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To close the event, a spiritual and inspiring message was given by our Resident Worker Bro. Andrew Taaca. Like always, we open an activity with a prayer to guide us throughout and end it with a prayer to thank God for the success of our activity. – Contributing Writers: – Allysia Paige Fermin, 12 years old, 6th grade, CWS & Kirsten Gemeniano, 12 years old, 7th grade, CWS.

“My teacher, Mrs. Toran, came to the event. She is my History teacher, and she even was my brother’s English and History teacher a few years ago. I invited her because I truly appreciated her effort in teaching me, and because she is one of my favorite teachers.” – Kaleia Mei Gamiao, 12 years old, 7th grade, Binhi

“Teachers get a bad rap on television. For you guys to take time out of your day, we’d like to honor you, for what you do, because it means a lot, and I want to say Thank you, Mrs Nakano. I was very glad and happy that my 2nd grade teacher came. She is very nice, kind-hearted and most of all very patient. Not once that I’ve seen or heard her lose her cool. She goes above and beyond to help us.” – Allysia Paige Fermin, 12 years old, 6th grade, CWS

“It’s important to appreciate teachers because they work hard to teach children even those who don’t want to listen most of the time. They go through a lot of troubles in school and in their own lives. We think being a teacher is pretty self-explanatory. You teach kids to learn the way of life and how to do things in certain circumstances. I feel like more kids today aren’t really appreciating teachers enough other than the teachers who make class fun, although they should all be appreciated. But what about the teachers who try their best to teach kids who are always interrupting and noisy? Would they be counted as nice teachers? Or would they be counted as bad teachers because of the kids who don’t appreciate the teacher? The same goes to substitutes. I’ve been in a lot of classes where the substitute is trying to keep everything under control but the kids are just too noisy and the substitute has to raise their voice in class to keep everyone quiet and listening.

I chose to invite Mr. Silva because he’s one of those teachers. Mr. Silva is a funny teacher but he could get ticked off and yell at us because of some argument that’s going on. There are kids who I don’t think appreciate Mr. Silva for his comedy or the way he teaches. Well, maybe his comedy. But I really do appreciate Mr. Silva taking out his time in the day just to teach kids about science, engineering and robotics. Mr. Silva is a kind of teacher who appreciates his students telling him jokes or just telling him what they’ve learned in school or even maybe just having a casual conversation.

I recognized Mr. Silva at Teacher’s Appreciation Day because I wanted to show how much I appreciate him. I also treat him as a close friend that teaches me about science and engineering which he was once taught in his life. Mr. Silva is a teacher who makes class fun and interesting with the fun facts and the tips and tricks he has up his sleeve then reveals to us to make it easier on us. But it doesn’t make it easier for him. Mr. Silva gives us things to make it easier on us, We students should do the same thing since we don’t really give teachers back what they give to us. Teachers are always caring to their students, they do their best to give us what we need and use in the future.” – Cason Gemeniano, 14 years old, 8th grade, Binhi
“I had invited 2 teachers for this event; Ms. Chong, my science and homeroom teacher, and Ms. Canales, my math teacher.  They are from Telesis Academy of Science and Math.  I invited my teachers to this event because I feel they needed to be recognized as great teachers.  They have made my school year the best so far and they make learning fun. They are teachers who I can reach out to anytime and they will always help me.

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Once all the teachers and students were up in the front, I was introduced by Brother Feodor to come read the cards I made for the teachers I invited. My second short speech had some people laugh. My brother, Cason was then called to read his card to his teacher that he invited. I believe that his short but funny speech got more laughs than mine. The teachers were given the opportunity to speak.  The teachers who spoke had said compliments about our event. They thanked us for having a day just for them. 

Everyone was having so much fun that they still stuck around even after the closing prayer.  So I decided to take pictures with my teachers along with my brother’s teacher.”  – Kirsten Gemeniano, 12 years old, 7th grade, CWS


Contributors: Sister Donna Gemeniano, Sister Allysia Paige Fermin, Sister Kirsten Gemeniano, Sister Kaleia Mei Gamiao, Brother Cason Gemeniano, San Gabriel Valley, California