Building Dreams

On April 23, 2016, members of the Church from local congregation of Cocoa Beach, FL, in partnership with Southeast Volusia Habitat for Humanity, converged in Edgewater, FL, to volunteer in the construction of houses for the less fortunate. Some brethren had to drive more than two hours to get to the build site but their enthusiasm never waned. They were eager to volunteer to help build future homes for deserving families. To ensure the utmost safety, only eleven INC Giving volunteers were pre-selected to work in the construction site but this did not deter the families of the INC Giving volunteers from coming and cheering on their loved ones as they went to work.


After a safety briefing and introduction by the Site Manager, Ray Allnutt, the INC Giving volunteers were divided into three groups to work on three houses in various stages of construction.

On House #1, the volunteers were tasked with installing 10 windows, which they finished in just over an hour, to astonishment of HFH crew.


Meanwhile, on House #2, three volunteers were nailing together hurricane braces on the roof rafters, working courageously despite the height that they had to deal with.



On the last house, House #3, the volunteers installed siding.



From 8:00am to 12 noon, the INC Giving volunteers labored on and enjoyed working with the regular HFH volunteers



Ray Allnut, HFH Site Manager stated, ” I was amazed how fast they installed all the windows. What normally takes 8 hours to install with the volunteers’ remarkable teamwork they finished the job in less than 2 hours! All I can say, they did a really wonderful job and I hope that they all come back for future builds. “


Courtney Williams, one of the future homeowners, expressed her appreciation: “I am so glad you all came here on a fine Saturday morning to help out. You could be with your family enjoying quality time but I am so amazed at all your dedication in coming here and helping us out build our future homes. ”

A dream of having one’s own house is very hard to achieve but with the efforts of the INC Giving volunteers, they are one step closer to making that dream a reality for deserving families.


Contributor: Brother Carlos Ravina Jr., Cocoa Beach, Florida