Community Connection: INC of North Atlanta Honor Policemen of Gwinnett County

In a time where the media sensationalizes crime and is full of anti-police messaging, the members of the Church of Christ in the Gwinnett County area of Georgia took time to appreciate those that keep our community safe and secure.

Approximately 43 INCGiving volunteers of all ages from the North Atlanta Congregation visited the West Precinct of the Gwinnett County Police Department.  Their purpose was to show care and concern for real-life heroes.

It took several days of intense preparation and prayer before presenting the final gifts to the precinct. The children in the congregation spent hours hand-writing and drawing ‘thank you’ cards to give to each officer. The older brethren and parents also put together over 90 goodie bags full of healthy snacks preferred by the police force. The brethren took these tokens of appreciation, along with a special certificate of recognition, to present to the officers in the West Precinct.

Upon their arrival, the precinct station manager and Crime Prevention Sergeant Greene met them. These two were surprised by the overflow of smiles, handshakes, and even hugs as the brethren eagerly greeted them. After a quick set up of the INCGiving goodie bags and several group pictures and selfies with Sgt. Greene, the brethren were surprised to hear that the officers were also excited to be visited!

Sgt. Greene then took all the brethren on an informative tour of the station, educating the awed children on the many aspects of keeping the community safe.

The big moment arrived when the day and evening shifts began to transition.  The volunteers were again delighted to witness the shift role call that prepared all the officers for their assignments for the evening. They were able to see firsthand the great importance these officers gave to keeping the public safe.

Near the end, Brother Edgar Caba was introduced as the minister assigned in North Atlanta. Along with the other INCGiving coordinators, he introduced the officers of the Church and the purpose of the visit – to show sincere appreciation for the men and women who put their lives on the line to ensure our safety.

The children then gave each officer their goodie bag, shyly at first, but then the officers opened up to the children making them feel comfortable and laugh. As the officers met with the brethren, who continuously thanked the precinct for all that they do, they learned more about the local congregation and its different INCGiving activities in the community. In fact, the brethren were visiting the exact precinct that would be responding in the event of an emergency at the place of worship.

Although the visit lasted a little over an hour, the INCGiving volunteers continued to show their appreciation and enthusiasm – practicing a reflection of the INCGiving Project’s motto to “whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it”.

The most rewarding part of it all, however, was to see the smiles on the officers’ faces as met with the brethren, hugged the children, and once again headed out on their duty – to protect and serve the community.
Contributed By: Brother Phillip Toledo – Local Congregation of North Atlanta, Georgia, Ecclesiastical District of Southeastern Seaboard