More Ways to Help Your Community



  • Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter – serve meals, clean up, donate clothes or food.
  • Volunteer at your local library: help re-shelve books and/or assist in children’s or literacy programs.
  • Offer to accompany a new student to his/her classes in his/her first week at school.
  • Collect pre-loved toys and coordinate a donation to a children’s hospital, childcare center or youth charity.
  • Volunteer at a zoo, animal shelter, and/or wildlife refuge.
  • Share your talents at a local athletic organization and become a coach or coaching assistant.
  • Protect the planet and be a leader in recycling and up-cycling amongst your family and friends.
  • Get moving for a cause. Join a 5K or 10K run/walk event.
  • Volunteer in an area you’re not initially interested in and discover a new passion.
  • Keep an open mind! There are opportunities everywhere. An act of kindness can be unplanned and spontaneous, a part of our everyday lives.

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