South Korea Residents Receive Free English and Bible Lessons


Earlier this month, brethren in the Ecclesiastical District of South Korea, Local Congregation of Ansan, provided a community service to residents in the form of free formal English lessons. This project, dubbed “INCGiving: English For All”, was the first weekly class offering free language lessons paired with teachings of the Bible from the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ).

IMG_0977A group of six Korean nationals from the Ansan and Incheon areas took part in the introductory lesson, “Following Directions.” It began with a paper flower-making activity, in which the students had to listen carefully to English instructions in order to construct tulips out of construction paper.

Next, students followed along with a recording of essential phrases to be used in class, as well as common instructions to be given by teachers.

The students were later introduced to the Church of Christ through videos hosted on, followed by the last activity of the class session – a Bible verse reading with word-by-word explanation, which tied in to the theme of “Following Directions.”

Brother Timothy Kim Reyes, Ansan Resident Minister and facilitator of this INCGiving Project, emphasized that in order to attain salvation, one must follow the Bible for direction and guidance.


The students’ response to the activity was overwhelmingly positive. They warmly expressed their interest in continuing not only their studies of the English language, but also their investigation of the teachings of the Church of Christ.

Contributed By: Local Congregation of Ansan, Ecclesiastical District of South Korea

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